Today's Date: Sun August 19, 2018 | יום א תצא, ח אלול תשע"ח


Dear worthy friend and supporter of K’hal Birchos Yosef - Nikolsburg 

The days of Chanuka, are almost upon us. The holy sforim state that the candles that we light on Chanuka are not only the fulfillment of a mitzvah. The lighting of the candles serve as a prayer to Hashem, that He fill our lives with light and holiness.

At this time, we would like to offer you the opportunity to enable the furthering of limud haTorah and Tefilla of our Bais Medrash, by providing the “Ner Lamaor”, namely, helping finance the electricity and gas services. As you are well aware, the Nikolsburger Rebbe shlita, has touched the lives of hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life, by providing spiritual advice, solace and encouragement, and wise counsel on many matters. The Rebbe’s primary goal is to be able to continue inluencing and guiding the many students and ardent followers and bringing “light” into people’s lives by passing down the age old Jewish tradition for generations to come.

With your warm-hearted assistance, you will be enabling the furtherance of Limud HaTorah and Tefilla of an entire kehilla.

The following dedication opportunities can be used to dedicate a month, week, half a week, day or hour in memory of a loved one.

Ner Lamaor forMonth:$4000

             ​ Week: $1200

        ​Half week:   $600

​                Day:     $250

               ​Hour:  $36

It is definite, that the z’chus of your generosity, combined with the holiness of the Chanuka lights, will serve as a z’chus for you to go "from strength to strength", and merit the blessing of “Baruch asher yokim es divray haTorah hazos”. May you be blessed for your benevolence with vibrant health, continued prosperity and much success.

Your tax-exempt contribution can be made payable to Cong. Birchos Yosef, and mail to 6 Milton Place, Spring Valley, NY 10977, or fill in the fields below with your credit card information to make a payment.

Gratefully yours,

Shea Klagsbrun

Gabbai for Bais Medrash Birchos Yosef

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