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Parshas Mikeitz – Shabbos Chanukah 5776 - An End to All Darkness


.ויהי מקץ שנתים ימים ופרעה חולם והנה עומד על היאור

“And it was at the end of the two years, and Pharaoh dreamed: behold he stood on the river.” (Bereishis 41:1)


Rashi stresses on the word “mikeitz,” that this was at the end of a time-period. The Midrash says about this (Bereishis Rabbah 89:1): “He placed an end to darkness.” Although Hashem created darkness, He created an end to it.


Once again, the famous question asked by the Bais Yosef comes to mind: Why do we celebrate eight days of Chanukah when the oil burned miraculously only for seven days?


We can tie all of this together as follows: The Bnei Yissoschor writes that on Chanukah the Hidden Light is revealed. Chanukah neutralizes all forms of spiritual and physical darkness. There are fifty gates of wisdom in this world. The fiftieth gate is the Hidden Light, the eternal and all-encompassing Light. This light is revealed to us on Chanukah.


In the above-mentioned verse, the words: חלם והנה (dreamed, behold) have the numerical value of Chanukah, plus additional fifty five, symbolizing the fiftieth gate of wisdom - the Hidden Light, which is revealed on Chanukah. The remaining five symbolizes the five attributes of Chesed (kindness) and the five attributes of Gevurah (strength).

Pharaoh dreamed about a terrible famine that was about to hit the entire region, a period of great darkness. In his dream, he saw seven cows and seven more cows, and seven stalks of grain and then seven more stalks of grain. Seven multiplied by seven is 49, symbolizing the 49 gates that lead up to the fiftieth gate, the Hidden Light, which has the power to dispel the darkness. The verse that describes Pharaoh’s dream hints at Chanukah. This is telling us that “He placed an end to darkness.” In all times of darkness, Hashem may suddenly dispel the gloom and transform the difficulties into blessings.


The Chashmonaim found a small flask of oil. Along with this small flask, they discovered the Hidden Light. And therefore, on the following year, they established the Yom Tov of Chanukah for eight days, because on the following year they once again sensed that the Hidden Light was revealed on these eight days. They added another day as a special celebration of this Hidden Light, which came in addition to the actual miracle of the oil that burned miraculously for seven days.


May the Light of Chanukah dispel all darkness, and may all Jews be helped with the Yeshuos they need. Those who need a refuah should be healed with a complete recovery, and those in need of consolation should merit a complete nechama; and may we all merit greeting Moshiach speedily in our days, Amen.

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