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The Nikolsburger Rebbe is well known as someone who understands the significance of a Hebrew name and its impact on the person’s life.

What is a Kvitel?


A kvittel is a note that is being given to a tzaddik or rebbe, listing the names of the persons he should pray for, with mention of any special requests. The custom of submitting a kvittel is based on the teachings of the Zohar, where it is written that since a tzaddik devotes all his life to Hashem and to serve his fellow Jews, his prayers are more readily accepted on High and his requests more easily answered.


When listing a name on the kvittel, it is important to use the Hebrew name together with the mother’s Hebrew name, because the Hebrew letters have significant underlying meaning and Kabalistic interpretations.


It is customary to send the kvittel along with a pidyon, which is a donation in any amount, in order to provide the prayers and blessings with a material basis. Although this custom is generally upheld, kvittels are always accepted without a pidyon as well.

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