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The Rebbe Shlita, Rabbi Yosef Yechiel Mechel Lebovits was raised in the loving home of his noble parents, Rabbi Baruch Yehuda and Yentel Lebovits, of blessed memory. His father, an exceptional personality in his own right, was instrumental in saving many Jews during the Holocaust, and he valiantly helped revive Jewish life in the D.P. camps, after that terrible period of destruction.

The Rebbe’s parents bestowed him with the legacy of their saintly ancestors, among them the holy Ba’al Shem Tov, Rabbi Shmelke of Nikolsburg, and Rabbi Zishe of Anipoli. After his father’s passing, his mother married the Skulener Rebbe zt"l, and through this union the Rebbe was privileged to have a strong personal connection with this holy Tzadik.

The Rebbes grandfather, the famous Tchaba Rav of Yerushalayim, was known as a great Tzadik and miracle worker. People came to him with all sorts of difficult problems and with his holy powers he would evoke heavenly mercy on their behalf. The Rav would often invite his dear grandson, the Rebbe, to sit beside him as he prayed for a person in need of salvation.

The Rebbe studied in the famous Satmar Yeshiva, under the tutelage of the revered Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum zt"l. The Rebbe was also among the select students to have regular private sessions with the Satmar Rebbe, spending time with this great sage every Wednesday.

In addition, the Rebbe had a strong personal connection with a number of other tzadikim, among them: The Rebbe of Kalev, who shared with him many Torah secrets; and the Rebbes of Shopron, Kasho, Skolia, Spinka, Kiviashd, and more. He absorbed everything these great people had to offer, and nowadays passes on their teachings and legacy to his Chassidim. 

Even as a young man, people began flocking to the Rebbe for guidance and inspiration. His following began informally, as people from all walks of life clung to his every word. Eventually, the number of Chassidim grew, until it evolved into a community of Torah and Chassidus that has earned great stature in the Jewish world.

At first, the Rebbe held court in Williamsburg, a Chassidic section in Brooklyn, New York. Later on it was relocated to Spring Valley, in Rockland County, from where the great light of Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas Torah and Ahavas Yisroel is spread to the entire world.

Besides serving the local community with Tefilos, Tishen and Torah Chizuk, the Rebbe Shlita sees hundreds of people every week, who come from far and wide to seek advice and words of Chizuk, a listening ear in time of pain, and to share in their simchas. The Rebbe Shlita sees far beyond the type of hat and attire that a person has, with true Ahavas Yisrael streaming from his eyes, he sees the Yid. The Yid that is within every Jewish heart.


The Rebbe with his Grandfather the Tchaba Rav of Yerushalayim

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