Today's Date: Sat April 25, 2015 | יום שבת תזמ"צ, ו אייר תשע"ה
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Thanks for visiting our site. Another medium of reaching out to our fellow brethern all over the world, letting all know that we are indeed one big family. The family of Am Yisrael, with one father in heaven Hakadosh Baruch Hu!

We would like to wish all of Klal Yisroel a happy and healthy winter with lots of Brachos.
Nikolsburg Rebbe
The Rebbe
Our goal is simply to spread the love for Hashem, his holy Torah and fellow Jews. You’ll find here inspiring Dvar Torah’s, words of Chizuk and strength for todays challenges.

As well as the latest news of the Rebbe and his countless efforts of bringing Jews of all walks of life together as ONE!

Parsha Description
Tazria-Metzora 5775 Lashon Hara Cannot be Taken Back
Shemini 5775 Completing Creation
Pesach 5775 The Power of our Faith
Tzav - Shabbos Hagadol 5775 Nissan, set aside for redemption
Vayikrah 5775 Shabbos - A Day of Rest
Vayakhel-Pikudei, Shabbas Para 5775 Using All Our Talents For Hashem
Teruma 5775 Respecting Other People’s Individuality
Mishpatim - Shekalim 5775 Sharing the Spirit of Shabbos
Beshalach 5775 Hashem’s Enduring Love for Every Jew
Bo 5775 Pure Gold
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This Weeks Divrei Torah is dedicated in honor of:
Shmuel ben Chaim
Feinberg A"H
5708-5769 9 Shvat

This Weeks Divrei Torah is dedicated in honor of:

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